Session 30 now completed

Session 30 has now been completed. If you are short hours please contact George Fotoupolis at 413-530-2983.

This concludes this years classes and meetings.   We will begin HCPGIA meetings in September with our annual steak roast.   One topic will be to start an apprentice scholarship, we will be working with Pete Anderson and Carl Zimmerman who both run apprentice programs.     With the conclusion of the CE classes I would like to thank Local 104 and Pete Anderson for the use of there hall.  Also a big thank you to George Fotoupolis  for running the CE classes.

I will keep you updated with any news and updates that may come along.  Also a big thank you to Kevin Biermann and Doug Dryer for there dedication as officers of HCPGIA.      If you would like anything posted on here please contact me.    Have a safe and happy summer,  See you in September,      Sam Santaniello, President HCPGIA